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From the pen and lens of Michael Hawes
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A Vancouver letter-carrier fills the unforgiving minutes on Fraser Street.

Butter Chicken Tuesdays

Some Bobcat Logic on the dietary evolution of humans with a third eye upon the spiritual components of nutrition.

Whispers In The Fog

Peering through the fog of evolution at some of the characters we might encounter.

Truth, Lies And Diagnosis

On believing lies, disbelieving truths, punk music diagnostics, cat wisdom and Sugarless Gum.

A Liu Shap Guy

My mid-life crisis is shot down before it has a chance to blossom into full flower.

The Courage To Be Examined

The benefits of gentlemanly debate, literary honesty, intellectual courage and the bobcat logic of a California mink farmer.

Cayoosh Pie

Cherokee Swede’s Cayoosh Pie Recipe or A Texan in Lillooet encounters Aussie Meat Pie, shakes its hand and introduces it to the Bayou.

Last Of The Starched Khakis

How I learned to bridge the inter-generational empathy gap between co-workers in a variety of employment scenarios using Bobcat Logic.

Very Thick Indeed

A horseback ride along the Möbius strip of human history, pondering the Relativity of Wisdom, from before never to after forever.

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