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walking fir

From the pen and lens of Michael Hawes
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A Liu Shap Guy

My mid-life crisis is shot down before it has a chance to blossom into full flower.

The Courage To Be Examined

The benefits of gentlemanly debate, literary honesty, intellectual courage and the bobcat logic of a California mink farmer.

Cayoosh Pie

Cherokee Swede’s Cayoosh Pie Recipe or A Texan in Lillooet encounters Aussie Meat Pie, shakes its hand and introduces it to the Bayou.

Last Of The Starched Khakis

How I learned to bridge the inter-generational empathy gap between co-workers in a variety of employment scenarios using Bobcat Logic.

I Apologize

I state my respect here for you, Mother and thank you and my Father for my chance at life.

Very Thick Indeed

A horseback ride along the Möbius strip of human history, pondering the Relativity of Wisdom, from before never to after forever.

Steer Into It

Two kinds of snow, two kinds of teachers, chips, giggles and two kinds of spanakopita with the aim of opening the third sphincter.

Ghost Story

A true ghost story from 1970’s Nanaimo where something is not quite right with an old house on Harewood Rd.

Good To Go

Beethoven in a waterfall. The strength of gentleness, the wisdom of disobedience, a whiff of vindaloo and the intrepid walking firs.

From Altoids To Cocoflavanoids

Speculations on the demolition of the James Bell Tavern, the US Bill of Rights and some “curiously strong peppermints.”

This Compass

A look at the yin and yang of good and evil in the human experience. Probable medical causes and possible spiritual cures.

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